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Post Production and Mixing Rooms

The Armoury
Music Recording Studio

Artel Studio, Auckland
Music Studio & Controlroom

NZ Police Crime Lab
Forensic Audio Studio

Entirely Sound, Auckland
Music Recording Room

a Group, Auckland
Voice Recording Suite

Wellington City Elim Church
Music Studio

Red Bull, Auckland
Sound Studio

Soundtrax, Auckland
Production Studios

Morris & Blood, Auckland
Production Studios

Marmalade Audio, Wellington
Music and Post Production Studios

Antarctic Centre, Christchurch

The Lab Recording Studio
Music Studio.

Revolver Studios
Mastering/Post and MIDI Production Rooms

Victoria University Music Studios

Acoustic Design

Over the years the founder of Buzz Audio Tim Farrant has designed and overseen the construction of many recording studios and control rooms in New Zealand. Not everyone has a mega budget, and Tim's designs reflect the requirements of each individual client. If you have a small home studio and just need some advice, we can do that. If you have a more major project in mind, then we can help with that too.

There are two aspects of studio design that need to be contemplated. The first is sound isolation - keeping noise out (and noise in) - and constructions can get very expensive to build if a high degree of sound isolation is required. Choosing a quiet site away from neighbours, airports and busy roads will save a heck of a lot of money. A building made of concrete gets you half way there, whereas timber structures with a tin roof will exhibit a lot less sound isolation.

The second aspect of studio design is room treatments - making things sound good in the room - wether they be loudspeakers or instruments or voice. Control rooms need a different approach to recording rooms. Rooms for music recording differ to those for dialogue. Small rooms are generally harder to treat to sound good than larger rooms - having plenty of room volume helps a lot, especially so for acoustic instruments.

We can also help out with treating rooms with excessive reverbration (or echo) such as classrooms, Houses of Worship, restaurants, meeting rooms, theatres and gyms. If you are fitting out or designing a new space that may require acoustic treatment, then it is prudent (and generally cheaper) to look at integrating the acoustics at the initial design and construction stage, rather than applying it later.

What ever your need, please contact us and we can give you further information and advice.

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